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Production Line 500x300

Started from humble beginnings,
Robertson and Caine have built a world class manufacturing facility for luxury catamaran yachts in Cape Town, South Africa.
Producing around 200 yachts per year, they employ over 1000 staff members and are the largest boat builders in the southern hemisphere.

WoodTech was given the opportunity to supply a specialised routing production line for their cabinet and decking manufacture. We are proud of this sophisticated CNC router line that we developed for them. Robertson and Caine have now installed two of these lines in their new joinery factory in Montague Gardens.

Robertson and Caine do all their yacht design on the Solidworks Cad system. The challenge was to take that CAD data and import it directly to a CAM system. It was important that they maintain their tracking ID's on a per part basis that links into their Syspro accounting package for stock and warehouse tracking. The goal was to ensure that the data moves through the turnkey solution with minimal manipulation, so eliminating room for error.

The WoodTech solution is to import via AlphaCAM. This compiles and produces the required machine code for the router. We developed a special format to include the label data in the machine code file. The other software developed for Robertson and Caine includes a network based master planning solution. They are able to plan production in advance and formulate material stacks. These stacks are sent in advance to their laminating plant where the material is prepared and stacked in a Just-in-Time manner.
When cutting, this master program parses through the machine file and extracts the labelling data, which it sends to the CNC label placement machine at the beginning of the line.

The process is fully automated. Once the production stack is placed on the scissor lift and the process is initiated, the master program controls the production. The scissor lift moves up to the presentation position. The label printing CNC moves the board into the reference position so that labels can be accurately placed in an appropriate position on the part. Once labelling is complete, the board is moved over to the router section, all automatic without operator intervention. Routing is then commenced under the control of the master program. When routing is complete, the board is automatically pushed onto the de-nesting conveyor. The operator then can move to the end of the conveyor and do quality inspection and de-nesting of the parts.

Watch the following video to see two WoodTech Mechatronics Automated CNC Production Lines in action.