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WoodTech, based in Port Elizabeth, was established in 1998 and has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of machinery for 20 years.

Following on our love of woodworking, we focused on the design and manufacture of 3D laminating presses and CNC nesting routers. While these machines are primarily made to be set in the woodworking industry, they are used in other industries as well, such as sign writing.

Alongside the CNC nesting router, we have developed own fully parametric cabinet and door manufacturing software package which fully integrates with our range of CNC routers. Much of the electronics is designed in-house, making us a fully Mechatronics engineering company.

Not only do we cater for the South African markets, our machines have been sold world wide and we boast agents across the globe.

Furthermore, we have developed a world first in our TruCut which converts most existing panel saws into a single axis CNC panels saw, with guided cutting technology, which is normally only available on large beam saws.

With over 400 3D laminating presses on the market and over 100 CNC nesting routers we have built up an excellent relationship with our clients. It was for this reason we branched out and started importing complimentary woodworking machines so as to provide a holistic service.

From this background, with experienced and well qualified engineers and technicians, we can provide more than just machines. Our new vision is to provide formulated turnkey solutions and full automation.

WoodTech now proceeds into a new era with a new vision for the future. With this comes our fresh new look to match our enthusiasm and dynamic capabilities.

Proudly, we continue into the future with inspiration and innovation.

Specializing in the design and manufacture of machinery for 20 years.