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Double bed vacuum press with PC based control for those in need of high production volume

  • Available in 2400mm and 2900mm bed configurations
  • Curved doors
  • PVC wrap doors
  • Veneering
  • Silicon membrane available
  • Long and short bed optimisers available
  • Height adjustable heater bank
  • HMI Graphical based control

Perfect Cycles

Pre-programmed with the  latest cycles which include stages to eliminate dog ears, creasing and other undesirable wrap results.

wrap sample
Automatic Vacuum Valve

Vacuum Control

Fitted with WoodTechs' vacuum valve technology which has feedback for dynamic vacuum control and stability.

TouchScreen HMI

The touchscreen Human Machine Interface conveys a clear visual representation of the process variables and machine status and allows seamless changes of settings.


Technical Details

Technical details and machine specifications can be downloaded by clicking on the Download Technical Data button

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